Enrollment Collection

Consolidates projected and actual enrollments (membership counts) provided by schools and/or departments at different time periods. Enrollment can be specified by program and grade for each school within the District.

This module allows central users to control all aspects of the enrollment collection process, including:

  • Comparing actual with projected enrollment.
  • Enabling users to provide a detailed breakdown of their projected enrollment, through a customizable worksheet.
  • Ensuring users see only the data they require access to.

Staffing Allocation

Tracks the allocation of staff positions at schools to aid in the hiring process for the upcoming school year and ensures the approved allocation of staff is not exceeded. Allocations by staffing category, such as preparation time and library, can be automatically generated using various system parameters, allowing for the modeling of what-if scenarios.

This module manages the allocation of staff for the upcoming school year by:

  • Ensuring the approved allocation of staff is met at both the school and district level.
  • Providing flexibility for the allocation of staff at the school level.
  • Tracking surplus and new staff as well as staff on leave.
  • Allowing staff lists to be imported as baseline data for school administrators.
  • Enabling central administrative staff to roll-up information in many ways to support their staffing objectives.

School Organization

Supports the collection and generation of elementary and middle school organizations based on user-defined class-size parameters. District level parameters can be used to run multiple what-if scenarios, allowing comparisons with the organizations completed by school principals.

This module allows the creation and tracking of school organizations, including:

  • Ensuring the class organizations at each school meet the class-size requirements set by the District.
  • High schools can use the course planner to generate the number of class sections required and determine the desired balance across departments and semesters.
  • Allowing unique class-size targets for different programs and school types.
  • Monitoring school level users to ensure tasks are completed correctly and on-time.


Provides dynamic reports required by schools and district administrators allowing the user to print or export to several formats. Analysis and comparisons can be completed on various data created in the other modules, including:

  • Average class size by school, grade division and program.
  • Enrollment summaries by school and program.
  • Allocation of staff by staffing category.
  • Comparison of staff allocation across school years.
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“I wanted to extend the sentiments of Senior Administration and myself on the improvements Staffing Plus has brought to our enrollment collection, class organization, staffing, and enrollment projection processes.  The submission of monthly school enrollment reporting has gone from an antiquated collection via emails and manual transfers to a more efficient intranet process.  Primary Class Size (PCS) calculation, class organization, staffing, and subsequent reporting to the District was accomplished in record time this school year.”

Bob Fex
Planning Officer
Grand Erie District School Board