Easy to Use

Staffing Plus is an easy to use web-based product which allows multiple users to work concurrently. Revision history is retained to facilitate ease in comparison of datasets or to revert back to a previous set of assumptions.

The Staffing Plus interconnected database immediately displays the impact of changing enrollment projections (membership counts), staffing allocations/assignments, and school organizations across the district and at each individual school.

Eliminates spreadsheet chaos

Staffing Plus gives users the flexibility to create almost any structure imaginable with none of the drawbacks of spreadsheet-based approaches to staffing.

It eliminates common spreadsheet errors such as incorrect cell ranges in formulas, data-entry in formula-based cells, circular references, broken links between workbooks, and outdated workbook versions.

All data is housed in a single central database which consolidates data automatically. Staffing Plus does away with the back-and-forth of spreadsheet revisions, creating a seamless exchange of information captured from all relevant users


Users don’t have to be rocket scientists' to use this software. All that’s needed is an Internet connection and a web browser to use Staffing Plus, so secure access is available anywhere.

Since Staffing Plus mirrors your existing process (we’ll make sure it does) training and implementation effort is minimized.

Allows selective access to data

Administration defines who needs access to specific plans and specify exactly which parts each user can view and change. Specific users see only the portion for which they're responsible.

As data, formulas, and/or structures are updated, all users with access see those changes in real time.

Each person sees only the programs, data, and staffing information for which they are responsible. Staffing Plus automatically handles this customized feature based on district pre-defined permissions; this eliminates the need to create complex spreadsheet templates.

Makes real-time changes

Staffing Plus makes staffing allocation plans come together in real-time. As changes are entered, that view is always connected to the whole, so the changes can be seen immediately across the District, and easily filtered by geographic area, school, program and/or grade.

Just log into the system and work with the confidence of knowing the staffing allocation plan and school organization you see is the most current, correct one.

Saves Time

Staffing Plus reduces the time it takes you to design, revise, and complete your staffing plan, meaning you can start planning earlier and finish sooner. The software's emphasis on real-time information means you can create a staffing plan that supports your educational goals and create contingencies for last-minute changes.

Whether that’s for district-level or state purposes, we have the interfaces to allow your data to flow and transfer easily. Saving time and supporting better decision-making in the allocation of staffing resources is what Staffing Plus is all about.


Flexible data entry and reporting make the Staffing Plus useful for both schools and district departments. Any user whether a school principal, department manager, or executive decision-maker can have a customized view of the staffing plan.

Staffing Plus allows you to define the information which needs to be collected, including manually entered enrollments, factors that drive formulas, and statistics for analysis. You also define where the information is to be collected and who provides it, even creating multiple levels of delegation where necessary.

Staffing plus lets you categorize information and report at multiple levels of detail and create customizable cross-sections and sub-sections of the organization for reporting. Staffing Plus retains and stores multiple versions of your staffing plan to reflect different phases of the planning cycle and different fiscal years.

“Staffing Plus allowed us to save money by using our classroom staff in the most efficient manner.”
“We can't say enough about how well Staffing Plus worked, and the great support we received.”