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News & Events

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ECNO - June, 2011

User Group Meeting - April, 2011

OASBO - February, 2011

Product Releases

Staffing Plus - Secondary Course Planner

The new secondary course planning module is now available. The module provides the ability for high school principals to review course selections based on option sheets provided by students, and determine the number of courses/sections that will be provided.

It includes support for balancing sections between semesters and tracking the assignment of teachers to course sections for workload planning. It was recognized that the student management systems do not provide this pre-planning functionality as part of their timetabling function and that the need for this system enhancement would be well received by high schools.

For the upcoming staffing cycle we will be tracking any enhancement requests and incorporating into future releases.

Staffing Plus - Elementary Enhancements

From the November, 2010 User Group meeting a small number of system enhancements were requested.

All of these enhancements have been incorporated into Staffing Plus, and are available in the latest release. Please contact your support representative if you need the upgrade.