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Why Us!

K-12 Analytics provides the most comprehensive strategy for school improvement in the 21st Century.

Over the past decade, increased public awareness and expectations for accountabilty have resulted in an explosion of education software solutions in student management systems, student assessment, school planning, data warehousing, and eLearning. Each of these solutions have evolved independent of each other resulting in significant limitations in creating consolidated and seamless solutions that meet the advanced data collection and reporting needs of schools and districts.

K-12 Analytics has created an innovative web platform that consolidates different software applications into one comprehensive solution for management and access to critical reports that ultimately inform progress on improving student achievement. There are no requirements for districts to abandon existing highly effective software solutions.

Assessment Management System (AMS) is a revolutionary integrated modular platform designed by educational leaders to support effective methodology. AMS provides unparalleled strategic direction for schools to utilize critical information for school improvement that results in increased academic achievement. AMS allows you to plug in your existing Student Management System, Data Collection System, Classroom Walkthrough data, and integrate other student achievement information and data sources, or you can utilize any number of our modules. The result is effective consolidation of information in a system that provides advanced reporting on multiple variables establishing AMS as the gold standard in data driven decision making.