Collective Responsibility
Monitoring Progress
Targeting Improvement

District Planning

Data collection has become a standard of practice for districts that are serious about data driven decision making. Our Assessment Management System (AMS) provides a systemic solution for creating and deploying school or system wide assessment data collection templates. AMS simplifies your data collection needs by providing an out of the box solution for:

  • Efficient data collection of system assessments (CASI, PM Benchmarks, DRA, etc...)
  • Collecting and sharing of teacher insights on students for effective transition planning
  • Student tranisition and at risk reports
  • Student Performance Reports
  • School and class profile reports
  • District administration, school administration, and teacher level permissions based reports

AMS is a one stop comprehensive solution for School Districts to integrate multiple application modules and data sources into one platform, making advanced reporting a reality. Take advantage of the innovative AMS plug and play architecture for accessing the Advanced Reporting Module or by connecting to any of your existing solutions:

  • Student Information Systems (Trillium, eSIS, Maplewood, etc...)
  • School Improvement Planning Systems (SKOPUS, Foran, etc...)
  • Data Collection Systems (Classroom walkthroughs, etc...)
  • Standardized Test Results (Provincial or State Assessment data)
  • Other Data Sources

School Improvement

Annual School Improvement Planning has become a standard of practice during this era of increased public accountability. Over the past decade there have been many approaches to helping districts move from an annual paper-based exercise to electronic solutions. While these solutions provide more effective entry and storage of improvement plans they often fall short of delivering meaningful, measureable reports that make connections between student achievement and effective implementation of improvement plan components.

Highly successful districts and schools require efficient solutions in data consolidation and advanced reporting in order to effectively compare improvement efforts and student achievement outcomes.

AMS, a District and School Improvement Planning Web Platform, has been designed by educational leaders to meet K-12 district and school needs. It provides the next generation of School Improvement Planning by going beyond current electronic solutions of efficient and effective on-going improvement plan documentation to the next level of comprehensive data consolidation, utilization, and advanced reporting.

AMS is a one stop comprehensive solution for school districts to integrate multiple application modules and data sources into one platform, making advanced reporting a reality.

  • Develop on-going School Improvement Plans
  • Efficiently collect system wide assessment data
  • Capture critical information on students at risk
  • Connect evidence of classroom practice to critical achievement data
  • Import multiple sources of data for utilization in advanced reporting
  • Promote efficient on-going access to critical information for school improvement teams, district review teams, and
  • Guides school and district resource planning based on targeted professional development needs of individual staff and schools develop a deeper understanding of the learning environment

The AMS modular approach allows districts to plug and play their current component solutions into the web platform increasing data utilization and leveraging advanced reporting.

Classroom Walkthroughs

Highly effective systems recognize School Improvement Planning as a continuously evolving process. Over the past decade traditional static School Improvement Plan documents have been replaced by dynamic electronic solutions that provide real time access to critical data. Effective schools, characterized by a culture of professional learning, can no longer rely on electronic repositories of information that do not incorporate efficient data collection with the integration of disparate data sources on student achievement. Useable reports that provide timely information about progress provide a focus for professional collaboration about adjusting and improving instructional practice. Stimulating a culture of continuous improvement results in upgraded instructional practice, greater student engagement, and increases in academic achievement.

EMS (Effectiveness Monitoring System) provides districts and schools with a practical solution for caputuring and monitoring of critical and timely data for:

  • Understanding the current classroom status relative to highly effective instructional practice
  • A focus for next steps in school improvment planning
  • Monitoring improvements in instructional practice
  • Promoting professional dialogue and focusing PLC discussions
  • Targeting professional development needs for school and system planning
  • Promoting effective deployment of school and system resources
  • On-going demonstration of accountability
  • Systemic monitoring of progress by school, family of schools, and overall district