Continuous Renewal
Through Collaboration

Leadership Efficacy

Educational reform and increased accountability have elevated the need for highly effective leadership in education. School Superintendents and school principals alike require a deep understanding of instructional practice for education in the 21st century. Of the multitude of key leadership competencies identified in current research Instructional Leadership and Facilitation skills are two critical areas.

AMS provides a systemic approach to providing educational leaders with efficient access to information that will help them:

  • develop a deeper understanding of the learning environment
  • use information to target school goals and inform school improvement planning
  • work collaboratively with staff to determine implementation needs
  • efficiently monitor implementation effectiveness and adjust improvement plans
  • facilitate staff engagement in continuous school improvement planning
  • facilitate staff reflection on, and refinement of, program design and delivery
  • use real-time data and advanced reports to connect effective instructional practice to improvements in student achievement

Professional Learning Culture

Highly effective organizations have moved beyond the concept of professional learning communities to an institutionalized "culture" of professional learning.

Educational reform, school improvement efforts, and changes in pedagogy are complex ongoing processes that are highly dependent on the engagement and contributions of all staff. Effective leadership plays a significant role in the evolution of a professional learning culture.

Achievement Plus supports professional learning cultures by:

  • providing a common language for dialogue on professional practice and improving schools
  • building knowledge, strategies, and skills for utilizing data to inform decision making and improvement planning
  • connecting improvements in instructional practice with increases in student achievement
  • targeting professional dialogue on the foundations of teaching in the 21st century and the pedagogical changes needed for continually improving practice
  • providing a system for tacking progress through efficient collection and real-time utilization of data through advanced reporting