About K-12 Analytics

About Us

We provide high performance data management and reporting solutions that allow School Districts to make better decisions.

Our experience in understanding how School Districts operate and the challenges you face on a daily basis, given the diverse experience and knowledge of our staff, gives us the ability to jump start solutions that fit your needs -- delivered on time, meeting your needs, and most often exceeding your expectations.

You don't need to waste time explaining to us the difference between a course or a section, what FTE or ADE means, or the relationships between the thousands of data elements and inter-connected business processes that exist throughout your District. This intimate knowledge of how you work, based on years of personal hands-on experience, allows us to deliver fully functional and affordable solutions, really fast!

Our solutions help eliminate the problems caused by traditional spreadsheet approaches for collecting, analyzing and reporting on K-12 data to deliver "data driven decision-making" the way it needs to be done to support what YOU need to be successful.

We also know you don't have the time to spend implementing new solutions to solve your problems because you are too busy today to even think about tomorrow. That is why our agile software development approach is exactly what the doctor ordered. Low cost, no risk solutions, that work all the time.

Sounds like marketing and sales hype? No!! Ask our many satisfied customers to find out why we are unique in the marketplace. Start with the end in mind, you'll find it's not as difficult and costly as people make it out to be.

As for our company, we are small, agile, and have an extensive background in providing world class School District solutions that work. We deliver what you really need.

The professional you deal with at K-12 Analytics will most often be the person who is doing the work. Accountability for what everyone does in our organization sits squarely on the shoulders of the person you deal with and they have the full authority to do what it takes to deliver what you need. It's a dynamic that we embrace, and we want you to do so too.

Give us a call to discuss your needs and see if there is a way we can help you with a solution that addresses the challenges you face.

Our Executive Team:

  • Charles Nanacsik, President & CEO
  • Tim Uyl, Vice-President, Administrative Solutions
  • Dr. Steve Weatherbee, Vice-President, Academic Solutions
  • Zane Dawood, Chief Technology Officer
  • Shabir Velji, Chief Financial Officer